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Good News ! Classic Namibia

We are delighted to hear from agents that the market is picking up again and clients are willing and eager to travel.

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Onguma Painting with Light : Songlines

Award winning Photographer Roland Blum from Lichtenstein, selected Onguma The Fort as his base to paint Etosha National Park in abstract light.

The work for this project started in mid 2019 when our offices contacted Roland for a copyright on his previous Namibia work: Poetry of Silence, mainly taken in Wolwedans, NamibRand. That very day Roland shared his idea to start a second project in Namibia. The ideal partner was quickly found: Onguma The Fort on the east side of Etosha with endless vistas into Etosha National Park. It was then the task of Sabela Africa to take on the coordinating role between Roland Blum and Onguma, providing information to either side, building trust on either side and requesting patience when patience was needed in dire Corona times as funds were limited either side. Finally in November 2021 Roland arrived at Onguma Reserve.

We are proud to say, that the investment on behalf of Onguma Reserve and of Roland Blum in hiring a helicopter and spending 7 nights at Onguma was worth it.

Roland’s Songline 1 has already won the New York Photography Silver award (Fine Art Abstract Category) in December ‘21.

His artwork is called: Songlines and in using light Roland painted Etosha National Park in a way, none of us have ever seen before. Magical, abstract and at times beyond recognition, salt pans and little islands become a piece of art that remind us of an abstract version of a fried egg or a very sensual image might come to mind or reminder of Miro paintings etc…

Onguma Reserve is selling some prints of Roland Blum in the Onguma The Fort gallery, but otherwise he is also participating in numerous international exhibitions.

Have a look at the Onguma video to understand the magic of painting with light, structures and textures.

Onguma can be contacted at or the Reservations office at 

Wolwedans up and running again

After months of very challenging Corona times, we are delighted to announce that Wolwedans is about to complete the renovations of Wolwedans Dune Camp.

Each tent in Wolwedans Dune Camp will now have its own outside shower, more privacy to each neighbouring room and a chiller pool to cool off during hot days.

Feel and get a sense of the new atmosphere at Wolwedans Dune Camp in the new photo selection.

Wolwedans Dune Camp is also home to the new Wolwedans Dune Camp Private, a private unit for 4 adults plus 2 children. With its own tsala, lounge and kitchen it has its own private location at the Dune Camp. It is ideally suited for friends or family travelling and seeking utmost privacy.

With these renovations nearly completed, it now makes Dune Camp one of the best looking camps within the collection. Sexy and charming.

In line with the new Wolwedans philosophy the focus is on becoming active yourself whilst exploring the beauty of the region, may it be on foot, per e-bike or on a horseback. A highlight for most guest remains the village walk where the whole Arid Eden concept and award winning sustainability concept is brought closer to any guests’ heart.

Wolwedans can not wait to welcome your guests back wow them with enthusiasm, passion, and happiness all round. Please visit or contact their Reservations office at 

Further renovations are on the to do list of Wolwedans and we will keep you posted. Watch this space!

Retreats of Nambwa Tented Lodge. Good news for families over Easter

The retreats at Nambwa, African Monarch Lodges, have been mentioned many times before, but with the Easter Bunny just around the corner, and hearing about the strong short term demand in the market, here is just reminder of the family retreat.

The whole focus of the retreat is on the young bush guide candidates. They will be learning to read tracks, weave ropes, read the daily bush newspaper and will be guided at all times by specially trained youth guides. A night away from mom and dad on a private island awaits them.

Parents have the option of either relax or to see the world through the eyes of the children, or to join the activities of the adult guests. However desired.

The easiest way to reach Nambwa Tented Lodge is 3 times per week from Eros Airport Windhoek by direct flight to Katima Mulilo. .  Followed by an one hour transfer through rural areas with villages of thatched huts awaits the guests and a short boat transfer through the waters of the Kwando already reveals the beauty of the Bwabwata National Park and brings guests to Nambwa Tented Lodge, where they are welcomed with a warm African smile.

The lodge is situated high in the treetops of majestic trees to avoid disturbing the elephants on their migration routes and is therefore already a pure adventure paradise for young guests.

More information about the family retreat can be found at African Monarch Lodge: or directly through the reservation office

Marco from Okahirongo brings Namibia to the Biennale in Venice in April 2022

Cudos to Marco Furio Ferrario and this team! It is with great admiration and gratitude that I can only personally thank Marco and his team for their unselfish work in bringing Namibia to the upcoming Biennale in Venice, Italy.

The lone stone men to be found in the Kaokoveld and in the region of the Okahirongo Lodges is the topic of choice. Have you already seen them? The stone man hanging from the cliff? Or the lone walker? Who is the artist?

Marco says: “These sculptures represent humans from different cultures trying to meet up in one of the most remote and pristine corners of the world, suggesting the need for a global gathering that goes beyond cultural differences and tackles the ultimate questions: what’s the human place in nature? what can we do to revert the destructive path that we started?

These messages can really make a difference and I hope not only that many tourists will come to Namibia to see the original artworks but also that maybe Namibia can be chosen as the location for international leaders to discuss climate change in the force of the powerful meaning of the sculptures: a gathering between human cultures to discuss our place in nature.”

The exposure of one of the most beautiful landscapes of Namibia and its art at a renowned  international art festival will catapult Namibia into the international limelight overnight and secure its position as international travel destination of choice for years to come. Namibia could not wish for better exposure after hard Corona months.

Okahirongo Elephant Lodge can be reached by  experienced 4×4 self drive  clients. Otherwise there is a pick up service from Sesfontein.

We personally recommend the 5 day Okahirongo package which is a 5 for 4 package and includes both lodges, Okahirongo Elephant Lodge and Okahirongo River Camp. Your personal guided tour of the Kaokoveld.

Please contact early to avoid disappointment.

The rare Ross’Turaco is back this summer at Taranga Safari Lodge

Taranga Safari Lodge situated on the bank of the Okavango River in the north of Namibia is a bird watching paradise. Birds like the African Fish Eagle, African Jacana and various Kingfishers are common in the area. Other rare and significant important sightings at Taranga Safari Lodge includes the African Pygmy Goose, African Cuckoo Hawk, Lesser Jacana, Gull-billed Tern, Hartlaub’s Babbler, African Skimmer and Spotted Flycatcher.

Taranga Safari Lodge is the proud property where the first substantiated recording of Ross’Turaco has been recorded in Namibia during 2019 by Terry Butcher, a specialist ornithology guide.  The spectacular violet-purple bodied bird with a large yellow frontal shield and a very distinctive crimson crest is a rare vagrant to southern Africa The rare bird is not proven to breed in southern Africa and is found in isolated populations in central Africa in Gabon, Cameroon, Sudan, and Uganda. Its habitat is evergreen and riverine forests. It acts like a typical turaco, bouncing through the trees and flying occasionally with short bursts of wingbeats and long glides.

With the break of the current birding season in southern Africa, a number of  international birding enthusiasts on visit to Namibia have again been rewarded with unique and rare sightings of Ross’s Turaco (Musuphaga rossae) also known as the “Rooikuifloerie” at Taranga Safari Lodge.

For more information on Taranga Safari Lodge visit or 

Chiwani blessed with good rains

And before we get to the rains, just a reminder for those who have missed it:

Renovations have been underway to all the suites at Mowani and Camp Kipwe. Small plunge pools have been added to the mini suites and the pool area has been upgraded with sun salas to provide more shade for the guests lounging at the pool.

Chiwani also has a Stay Pay special offer still valid until end June. Either stay for 3 and only pay for 2 nights or stay for 5 nights and only pay for 3. This special is applicable at both Mowani Mountain Camp and Camp Kipwe.

The Aba-Huab river is flowing for the second time this year and with all the great rains the area has had it will make for lusher vegetation which will in time then also attract a lot more animals to the area. We can not wait to see some reports of animals sightings soon.

For more information on Chiwani Safari Camps visit or 

Swakopmund Guesthouse hard at work

Swakopmund Guesthouse has been doing some minor renovations in and around the guesthouse and making sure everything is looking fresh and bright.

The area has also seen some fantastic rains and the Swakop river reached the ocean for the first time in 11 years recently. What a sight it was. Locals from Swakopmund and Walvis Bay flocked to the area to witness this sight. You can have a look at the link to see :

For more info please visit or 

You can also visit this link for Otjimbondona Kalahari to find out more. Their web address is or email them at 

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